If you are currently taking mortgage licensing courses and are looking for a bit more confidence in passing the National Mortgage test, mortgage exam prep is the course for you. This course is designed specifically to prepare you for the national S.A.F.E. Mortgage Loan Originator Exam.

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National Mortgage Licensing Exam Prep
Complete National Exam Test-Prep with Webinar Access
Credit Hours: 0.00Exam Required:NoFormat: Online
  • 3 Practice Exams with 125 Questions on the National Exam
  • Comprehensive Coursework that follows the national exam outline
  • Federal Law Intensive that focuses on the hardest part of the national exam
  • Unlimited practice tests from our database of over 500 questions!
  • Unlimited access to our CORE course webinars
  • Hundreds of pages of materials well-organized into over 40 lessons
  • Each question has explanations and links to the section where you can learn more about the answer!

Uniform State Test Preparation Package
Credit Hours: 0.00Exam Required:NoFormat: Online
This course provides you with a sound introduction to the components, materials and mechanics of plumbing systems. Learn the basics of supply, drain, waste and vent piping, fixtures and materials.

  • Four full practice exams of different difficulty levels which can be taken an unlimited number of times.
  • A text presentation which organizes the source documentation of the SAFE Act and the Model State Law
  • A slide presentation summarizing the text which also includes notes drawn from the text
  • Over 100 questions posed during the course and available at the end of the course for you to take simulated final exams from an unlimited number of times

UST Exam Set – 3 Practice Exam Bundle
Credit Hours: 0.00Exam Required:NoFormat: Online
This package has three 25-question exams that replicate similar questions on the Uniform State Test and include explanations.