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The history of Keller Williams Realty is a story of empowering real estate agents with world-class training, cutting-edge technology, and a family-like culture that fosters success, career growth, and personal development.

Gary Keller

Co-Founder and Chairman Keller Williams

Millionaire mindset since 1983

Why Kw?

You drive the success of your own career. Keller Williams gives you the tools, resources, and the empowerment to create your own life by design.

Why Agents Join Us

Discover why Keller Williams Realty stands out: our real estate business model is designed around the success of each agent, allowing you to leverage your unique skills and personality for a truly authentic career.

What is the Keller Williams Culture?

At Keller Williams Realty, we prioritize our core values in this order:

God, Family, then Business

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Keller Williams Training

Unlock your full potential with Keller Williams’ industry-leading training, featuring tailored training programs designed to ignite your career, ongoing professional development, and world-class coaching to empower agents for success in business and life.

Keller williams coaching company

“Keller Williams is a training and coaching company that also happens to be in the business of real estate.”

Gary Keller

Co-Founder and Chairman Keller Williams

Keller williams coaching company

“Keller Williams is a training and coaching company that also happens to be in the business of real estate.”

Gary Keller

Co-Founder and Chairman Keller Williams

KW Technology

Keller Williams stays ahead of the curve with its proprietary real estate technology powered by AI and machine learning. Let KW tech help you Command your goals, lead generation, and data to create a go-to-marketing plan that truly delivers.

Frequently asked questions

At Keller Williams Realty, you’re not just working ‘for’ us, you’re working ‘with’ us, as partners in success. We offer comprehensive Keller Williams training through Ignite, KW Connect, and MAPS Coaching, giving you a clear path to achieving your goals without starting from scratch.

Our family-like culture, state-of-the-art Keller Williams technology, and robust Keller Williams support systems create an environment where you can excel. Start your real estate career with Keller Williams and discover the difference!

Training is where KW soars above the competition. Ignite is our new agent training designed to build the foundation of your real estate business. It covers everything from contracts to lead generation to successfully managing your new business. The training is taught by the top agents in your office, so you know you’re getting up-to-date information. Also, with MAPS Coaching, Keller Williams University (KWU) and KW Connect, there will be no shortage of educational opportunities.

As a Keller Williams agent, you will work off an anniversary year with a “cap” or a maximum amount of money the broker can take out of your commissions during a given year (The cap is directly related to the operating expenses of your local office). You start on a 70/30 split. 70% to you, 30% to the office. When the 30% to the office reaches a set amount, you receive 100% on all transactions until your anniversary year starts over again. You are not required to pay the difference if you don’t reach your cap.

Predicting how much money you will make in real estate is difficult. Your earnings can be affected by sales ability, people skills, hard work, and market conditions. Also take into consideration the cost and time necessary to establish a business that meets your individual expectations. Therefore, you should have sufficient capital to support yourself if your needs are not met as soon as you would like.

A career in real estate does require a financial commitment. Licensing course fees, Board of Realtors membership dues, continuing education and other business expenses (phone, computer, office supplies, personal marketing, etc.) are just a few of the expenses you need to consider when getting started. On average, the start up costs associated with this range from $1000 to $1500. For the Keller Williams monthly fees, they vary from office to office. Expect to see monthly agent fees between $50-$125.

Yes, as an independent contractor with Keller Williams, you have the freedom to set your own schedule. Our real estate business model is designed to help you balance your business and personal life, so instead of working 75+ hours a week, you can use our proven system to manage your time effectively.

Real Estate Education

Take advantage of our partnership with real estate school leader, The CE Shop, with exclusive discounts on all real estate education courses. Pre-licensing, exam prep, post-license, and continuing education courses available in all 50 states.

Real Estate Books

Find copies of the best books for building successful real estate careers, including many from KW co-founder, Gary Keller.

Best real estate books

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